Show your uniqueness with baroque pearls

Baroque pearls are both simple and unique. Traditionally they are pearls which are irregularly shaped compared to the typical round shape. Cultured freshwater pearls are more commonly baroque due to the fact that freshwater pears are mantle tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated.

loose baroque pearls

This means that the pearl is created by the oyster by surrounding a non-spherical center. Freshwater pearls are rarely perfect sphere and large baroque pearls are more likely to be oval or ovoid. Loose baroque pearls are commonly incorporated into jewelry by people who hand make pearl necklaces.

Saltwater Akoya pearls are often baroque pearls as well. The difference between Akoya pearls and cultured freshwater pearls is that they contain spherical bead nucleated pearls inside the large baroque pearls. If an Akoya pearl turns out to be baroque, there will be a sharp pointed small tail on the pearl making tear drop shapes and in so becoming coveted as loose baroque pearls.

The South Sea and Tahitian baroque pearls are some of the most valuable in the world. These large baroque pearls are produced by the Pinctada margaritifera (black lipped oysters) and the Pinctada maxima (gold lipped and white lipped oysters). These are a variety of cultured saltwater pearls, the oysters are cultured for longer increasing the depth of the nacre and this increases the likelihood of creating baroque pearls. Tahitian pearl farms harvest more than 40 percent of the world’s semi-baroque and baroque pearls. Tahiti is also the top cultivator of black lipped oysters. Western Australia is the world’s largest gold lipped oyster cultivator.

Loose baroque pearls are great for jewelry because as they differ in size and shape. No two baroque pearls are alike and large baroque pearls are impressive for jewelry. They also have a high value on the market and if you happen to come across them, you should snatch them up if you can for an inexpensive price.

More and more people prefer to have baroque pearls nowdays because they are unique, each and every pearl is different with its own shape and characteristics. Because has its own pearl farms, they can process pearls in any kind of color specified, and in addition, they can also drill pearls in any sized holes their customers wants from regular 0.7mm all the way to 2.5mm holes.

This makes a lot of unique ideas for jewelry  designers possible to make their own, i.e. make a special ribbon go through the larger holes of a large sized baroque pearls, you will be center of the attention as the only one who has this highly fashionable but also one-of-a-kind of jewelry at a party, especially when you got the color of the necklace also matches with your entire outfit. Because of their color processing capability, a lot of brides will even send a piece of cloth of their wedding dress to have the baroque pearls matched.

This gives jewelry designers a lot of freedom to make whatever style of jewelry they please such as making special riboons go through larger holes of large sized baroque pearls. You will be the center of attentnion as the only one who has this highly fashionable, one-of-a-kind jewelry at a party. Because of color processing capability, a lot of brides will even send a piece of cloth of their wedding dress to make sure their baroque pearls match.

baroque pearls